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The primarily goal of this site is to help fellow traders. Feel free to browse the site and view our videos.

Even if you decide that XABCD pattern trading is not for you, hopefully, you’ll find some nugget of information that helps you with your trading.
The neoHarmonics toolkit, Price Action Analyzer, Market Profile, and other tools that are available on the site are indicators that Daniel built for himself that is being sharing with the trading world. As improvements are made, these updates are shared with our existing members (free updates for the purchased platform).  We also listen to our existing members and add tweaks and modifications to help suit their own personal needs.  We can’t include every request, but we definitely listen.

If you are familiar with XABCD pattern trading, we are confident that the neoHarmonics toolkit is one of the best out there.  If you find a XABCD related indicator that’s better or does something that ours do not, please let us know! We want traders to be happy with their purchase and to know exactly what they are getting, so please join us for one of our webinars, view our videos, and send us your questions.

Best success in your trading!
– Daniel Christal and the neoHarmonics Team

Daniel Christal

Founder and Developer of

Over two decades of professional programming experience working with major corporations such as EDS, H&R Block, Wells Fargo, Countrywide Bank (to name a few). I’ve transferred this background over into the trading world.  I’ve developed hundreds of indicators, alerts, and tools for the eSignal platform, but once I discovered that I could do so much more on NinjaTrader, I abandoned eSignal and moved solely to the NinjaTrader platform.  (For those who are interested, I use Interactive Brokers (IB) as my clearing house.)

My own personal trading is my primary focus and it’s been my full-time job for years.  That being said, my focus is not on porting the toolkit to multiple platforms purely for the purpose of making software sales.  I would rather focus on one platform (that I personally use myself) and make it as good and robust as possible.  I feel it’s the best approach for me as well as those who purchase neoHarmonics indicators.


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