Our customers have said...

“I enjoy your software every single day I work with it. It’s my favorite and ever since I bought it, I have had no need to buy any other!”

“The neoHarmonics Pro Suite has been an eye-opener for me and a guide in my trading plans. Sincerely, it will be hard trading a day without it.”

“I have seen (and coded) A LOT of stuff.  By far, neoHarmonics is the best I have seen.  Whoever does your marketing and web site design is VERY professional.  I have looked at all the other NinjaTrader partners who sell Fib/Pattern stuff.  In my opinion, yours is the best in both presentation and product.  Good job!”

“Your updated Market Profile is absolutely fabulous! It installed without a hitch and I’m already making money with it. I’ve come to expect that all of your stuff is simply top notch. From your website to your workbooks to your new video, even a dummy like me can understand it (mostly).  While I still have a tremendous amount to learn, I’m on my way to becoming a better trader. I credit you for a good deal of my success. Thank you, Sir. I appreciate you looking out for me.  Market Profile is turning out to be a nice feather in my cap. ”

“You already know I’m a big fan. I can’t help but to repeat myself –  I am thoroughly enjoying your work dealing with market profile. Until now, MP has always been vexing to me. I’ve witnessed numerous “interpretations” as to how to use MP. All of which either left me scratching my head or didn’t lead to consistent results. Your indicator and instructional video has taken what used to be a mystery and turned it into an asset.  The double distribution piece is especially valuable.  Thank you.”

“As a result of [your explanation] I took a long position that netted me 100 points that I would not have previously taken without this understanding.  Your software is helping me to make money every day.  I have never seen such a great piece of trading software before.”

“Mate your software is absolutely astonishing.  I know I’ve said it before but it’s truly a work of art… It’s mind boggling how I can draw a pattern and price will get within a couple of ticks of the dotted line in the PRZ… I am literally making money with your software every day.  I don’t know how I ever traded without it.”

Thanks mate. Amazing tool. Glad I found it.

I think I may have “greatly” underestimated the power of the AB=CD tool. Your ease of use of that tool is amazing.

“I greatly appreciate all of the hard work that you both have done over the years to be able to produce such an amazing platform! I cannot describe how easy you guys have just made my trading life become. I really feel like I was just walking around blind for all these years and now you guys have given me the gift of vision. I truly look at the markets in a completely different way.”

“I have been trading for the last 10 years, with varied results, and I have never had such a relaxing day trading as I have today.”

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