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Indicators for the NinjaTrader Platform

Regardless of what markets you trade, what style of trader you are or if you require real time or end of day analytics, neoHarmonics provides the tools necessary to analyze the markets in a flexible, customizable, and user-friendly manner that helps you trade better.

Below is a quick tour of the Harmonic Trading Platform and the indicators included in the neoHarmonics PRO package (Price Action Analyzer, Market Profile, Momentum Indicators, and Moving Average PRO)

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Market Independence

Stocks Futures ForexRegardless of your favorite market or trading vehicle, XABCD patterns are found in every market on every time frame.

Including: Stocks, Futures, and Forex.



Learning Guide ContentsTrading is a difficult yet rewarding venture. It’s important to be prepared. Members get full access to our Learning Guide.

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Harmonic Trading Platform

neoHarmonics Harmonic Trading Platform

The Harmonic Trading Platform includes a collection of Harmonic formation and Swing Analysis tools (listed below) wrapped into a convenient toolbar!

XABCD Drawing Tool
  • XABCD Drawing ToolBy simply drawing one line, this tool will determine which XABCD patterns are valid and output where the potential reversal areas are.
  • Supports all the major formations: Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, Deep Crab, Bat, Alt Bat, and Shark!
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Symmetry Tools
  • SymmetryThe Symmetry tool quickly measures the relationship between two market movements to determine potential reversal points or targets for existing positions.
  • The tool also support Alt Fibs, which includes 0.618, 1.272, 1.618 levels, and custom levels.
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Swing Bias
  • Swing BiasBased on the adage, “an uptrend has higher highs and higher lows”, this indicates the Swing Bias.
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Swing Fibonacci Analyzer
  • Swing Fibonacci RatiosThe Swing Fibonacci Analyzer helps to quickly look at each swing’s Fibonacci relationships.
  • The tool also highlights known Fibonacci ratios to bring focus to their importance.
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Swing Metrics
  • Swing MetricsThe Swing Metrics gives the metrics of each swing including price change (points and ticks), number of bars, cumulative volume, low to low and high to high, and a summary of all the swings on the chart.
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  • Auto-FinderNew to XABCD patterns? The Auto-XABCD Pattern Finder will identify potential XABCD patterns for you!
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Price Alerts
  • Price AlertsThe Price Alert Tool makes it easy to set price alerts directly on the chart itself. Set as many as you want!
  • When price reaches your alert, it will trigger an audible alert sound (customizable) and/or send an email as well!
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Screenshot Tool
  • Screenshot ToolThe Screenshot Tool is a one-click method of grabbing a screenshot of your chart, uploading to an image hosting site, and then putting the URL of your image into the clipboard; ready to be pasted into an email, chat room, or forum!
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Custom Intervals
  • Custom IntervalsA common request is the ability to add custom intervals to the NinjaTrader interval drop down or to the toolbar itself.
  • The neoHarmonics toolbox includes the ability to add chart-specific, custom intervals of all the supported NinjaTrader types (minute, second, range, tick, volume, Renko, or a mix of instrument and interval).
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neoHarmonics Additional AddOns

These AddOns include these additional price action related tools, meant to complement the Harmonic Trading Platform:

  • Price Action Analyzer Example (AAPL Daily)Analyze price action to determine entry signals at reversal areas determined by Harmonic Trading Platform.
  • Improvement on VSA concepts including Hidden Gap Bars, Inside/Outside Bars, and alerts.
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Market Profile
  • Market Profile ExampleAnalyzing changes in the value of the market can help determine bias and support and resistance areas.
  • In addition to intraday, it handles Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly time frames as well!
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Momentum Indicators
  • Momentum IndicatorsUsed in conjunction with the neoPriceActionAnalyzer to help identify divergence and momentum changes using the RSI, CCI, and SMI.
  • With Divergence Detection!
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Moving Average PRO
  • Moving Average PROOne common technique to determine bias is using moving averages. The Moving Average PRO indicator handles 19 different moving average types!
  • Includes the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system!
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