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Harmonic Trader Platform PRO for NT8

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What does it do?

TheHarmonic Trader Platform PRO for NT8 is a suite of indicators that helps you identify specific price patterns and the alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable reversal points in the financial markets. No other platform gives you the same tools!

Advanced Swing Analysis Tools

  • Harmonic Pattern Scanner
  • Harmonic Pattern Analyzer Drawing Tool
  • AB=CD Symmetry Drawing Tool
  • Swing Bias
  • Swing Metrics
  • Auto-Fibonacci
  • Auto-Symmetry Alerts
  • Price Alert Drawing Tool
  • Screenshot Tool
  • Quick Interval Buttons
  • …and more! (more info)

Professional Harmonic Indicator Suite

  • Harmonic Strength Index (HSI)
  • RSI Amplified
  • Pi/Phi Bands
  • Harmonic Trailer
  • Volume Spike
  • Scanners and Market Analyzer templates
  • Access to Trading Room Webinars
    (provided by Scott Carney and!)
  • (more info)

Unparalleled Scanning Capabilities

The market analyzer identifies patterns as well as harmonic indicator readings in multiple markets – essential for seeing multiple opportunities as they emerge in real time!

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Access The Harmonic Trading Platform PRO for NT8 for 30-Days

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